Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who is Pretsel Maker?

Who is Pretsel Maker?
The name was born during his journey at the US three years ago, it is coined from his original name.

Pretsel Maker, from my point of view, is a sweet romantic simple man. He has his own ways of showing his kindness and sweetness. He is timid and shy from the inside, but once you became his friend, you'll be surprised how jolly he was. He can make your brows frown and he can make you belly laugh, you'll never notice when. When he laughs, he covers his mouth with his hand because of his big teeth :D I love his teeth and his lips. His lips first attracted me because it was reddish than mine. He loves movies so much, but what I love most is when we watch together.
His mood is like the weather, sometimes it's unpredictable. I call him simple man because he doesn't boast of his riches, although he comes from a well-to-do family, he shares what he has with his friends. When you want to remember something, Pretsel Maker is the name. His memory is so sharp, that even the smallest details he can remember. He call himself "boy genius of TIP" haha [laughs]; although he failed some of his subjects, he is better than his professor when it comes to Micropeaf and AutoCAD, well that's a history. When it comes to dishes, he likes to put fish sauce even though the viand is very salty, he got that from his father. He has the very resemblance of his mother. He has a peaceful and determined eyes. His brows are wide just like his father and he has the most sophisticated forehead not like everyone else :D I guess that's what makes the best brain reservoir. When he says "short cut" expect that it is "long cut" hehe. He knows every corner and every street in Manila but not in Quezon City. He likes to wander from malls to malls after school. And when it comes to buying stuffs, he can challenge your mother for the lowest price ever :D hehehe But his t-shirts and polo are all original, and that's a perfect irony. He is very dedicated, and once he told you he's going to do it, he will do it. He hates lies and secrets. He is a friend you can trust and I am speaking from experience. What I have written is just a piece of his personality, just like the famous line of Optimus Prime "there's more than meets the eye". enjoy!


rybaxs January 29, 2010 at 2:42 AM  

Hi Pretsel Maker!

galing at sikat ang pinoy

lalaki ka??? akala ko babae eheheh